Caroline Jones
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  • Coraline Jones,
  • Coraline Megan Jones
  • Coraline mckeister
Gender Female
  • 11 (Canon)
  • 18 (Even Collins)
  • 12 (Perfect Daughter)
  • 35 (Falcon's continuity)
Species Human
Portrayer Dakota Fanning

Charlie Jones (father), Mel Jones (mother)

Falcon Takanashi

Isaac Lovat-Jones (future son)

Love intrests

Caroline is the title character. She has short blue hair, sharp teeth, long legs, thin arms, a pointy nose, big honey-brown eyes and brown eyebrows. Everyone except her parents and Wybie are always mistaking her name for 'Coraline', She has a friend named Wybie Lovat She lives in an apartment building called the Pink Palace, and enters a small door into a place called the Otherworld. Unlike the other children, she is able to resist the Other Mother, rescue the ghost children, and escape.

Perfect DaughterEdit

In a fanfiction called Perfect Daughter, she has a friend/Otherworld counterpart/stepsister named Nicolette Jones.

Right Beside YouEdit

In this story, she finds out what happened to Wybie's parents.

Caroline in The Land of The DragonsEdit

In the story, after Caroline runs away from home and The Other Mother's death. Caroline, who returns to the whimsical world she first encountered as a young girl, reuniting with her childhood friends: The Terrible Terror, Queebor, Dinzy, The Deadly Nadder, The Common or Garden, The Night Fury, and of course, The Gronckle. Coraline embarks on a fantastical journey to find her true destiny and end The Night Master's reign of terror.

Assassin's ContinuityEdit

9 years after defeating the Other Mother, Caroline became pregnant with Wybie's child. Afraid that her child would fall to the Beldam, she moved to Penbroke, North Carolina with Wybie and the Cat and soon enough, gave birth to a boy she and Wybie called "Isaac". She raised her son the best she could in fear of him suffering a fate that would have been hers.

Isaac soon enough discovered the little door when they were visiting Coraline's Parents and when he asked Coraline what was behind it, she said it was nothing and made Isaac solemnly swear never to go through the door. Despite the promise her son made, Coraline is still afraid that the Beldam would lure him in.

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